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lana kars russian nail salon


How to open a nail salon and grow from $100 to $2M in annual revenue: "Russian Nails" by Lana Kars

Lana Kars is the proud owner of Russian Nails, a chain of nail salons in the heart of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan, and the Russian Nails School. What initially started as a modest nail salon with just two seats has become a thriving NYC enterprise, boasting over 2 million dollars in annual revenue.

Valeria Gorshkova She did it show

Uncover the Secrets to Unlocking More AD Sales, Revenue, and Brand Deals!

Valeria Gorshkova - is an Ad Sales Executive with six years of experience in the media advertising industry. She is Salesperson of the Year in the largest media holding in Eastern Europe. She worked in Gazprom Media, as an advertising producer and then as a sponsorship sales specialist for major Russian entertainment TV channels – Friday, TV 3, 2x2, and Subbota. 

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Discover How Art Directors Create Ornament Magazine: Insider Secrets Exposed

Lubov Rybakova about movies, how Ornament magazine was created, previous projects in Instyle magazine and Avon, graphic design, and art direction for magazines. She is an art director and graphic designer based in New York City, working on branding, visual identities, and editorial design. Lubov worked on special projects in Instyle magazine. Her graphic design artworks and art integrations were published in Instyle, Glamour, Elle and Cosmopolitan, and other media outlets.

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Unlocking the Power of PR & Visual Storytelling: Transforming Urban Spaces, Building Extreme Park URAM

Karina Kalimullina is a communications and PR expert with over ten years of experience in strategy and media relations in architecture, art, film, and design. Karina led PR and Communications at The Institute for Urban Development of the Republic of Tatarstan. She curated over 400 public space projects and led PR and Communications for the biggest extreme park in Russia and Europe, URAM. Her projects were featured in worldwide media outlets such as Guardience, Forbes, Archdaily, Bloomberg and other media outlets.

oxana skripka she did it show


Unveiling The Key To Brand Design Success For Small Businesses

Oxana Skripka is a brand and web designer and creative director with over eight years of experience. She had her own agency in Russia, and was a member of the design union of designers in Saint Petersburg. She is one of the admins at Behance Russia Community. Her projects were mentioned in Forbes and other media outlets. She worked as a designer with brands like Cover Girl, L'Oreal Group, Fenty Beauty, etc. 

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Revealed: Want to Open a Restaurant in NYC? Unlock This Critical Tech for Every Small Business Owned

Julia Kravets about how she built the first fully vegan and gluten-free crêperie in NYC, "Little Choc Apothecary" in 2014 and successfully ran the business for the last eight years. Now she is selling the restaurant and started to pursue her career in tech. She studied in the Web Development Fellowship scholarship program at Fullstack Academy. She worked in Twitter, and last week she started working at Etsy. To hear the story of why she didn't let Asap Rocky party, how to start a restaurant in New York City, how to overcome entrepreneurship challenges managing the restaurant, to integrate tech decisions into the business process and switch the career path, starting working in tech.

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Unlock the Secrets of Successful Social Media Influencers & Learn Instagram Strategies That Sell!

Anastasiia is a creative director and a digital marketing expert. She has worked on marketing campaigns for world industry players such as Urbani Truffles, Luigi Bormioli & Bormioli Rocco to help them establish their US market presence. Today she is Creative Director & Partner at the NYC-based Digital Marketing agency ADME. The agency has been helping businesses & brands growth since 2016.

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How To Make It in the US PR Industry: Unveiling the Secret Keys to Success

Maria Karr is the Founder of a Maria Karr PR expert. Maria led PR and communications at Amorepacific, the world's leading Korean beauty company. She is one of those people who made K-Beauty a thing. She managed PR and communications efforts for global beauty brands, such as LANEIGE, Innisfree, Mamonde, and AMOREPACIFIC. She also taught her signature course on PR and Communications at Baruch College (City University of New York). Her business and clients have recently been featured in Allure, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, CNN, The Zoe Report, InStyle, US News & World Report, and other top media outlets.

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Uncovering the Secrets of Interviewing Jan Koum, Vitalik Buterin by Editor-In-Chief Of Vivid Minds

Anastasia Chernikova - chief editor of the online magazine The Vivid Minds and an NYC-based entrepreneur and journalist that has worked with some of the world's top tech companies and interviewed some of the top leaders in the Tech Industry. Her articles have been published in top media platforms such as Forbes, Esquire, GQ, Business Insider,, and other magazines. Today she is the proud owner of a visa for extraordinary talents in the US. Speaking with her about career, media in the US, journalism, and women empowerment.

svea fina


How German Model Svea Fina Built a Successful Marketing Agency in NYC and Became a Keynote Speaker

Svea Fina is an entrepreneur and the founder of Fina Digital, a leading digital marketing agency based in NYC. Originally from Germany, Svea made the bold decision to relocate to the United States several years ago. Before establishing Fina Digital, she had a successful career as a model. However, her passion for the dynamic world of digital marketing led her to venture into entrepreneurship.

Olga Ferrara She Did It show

Unveiling The Hidden Path To NYFW and Brand Deals: Secrets of Becoming an Influencer

Olga Ferrara is a fashion influencer with more than 300k subscribers on Instagram. Olga is famous for her creative looks and street-style photography during Fashion Weeks. Also, Olga organized runaway events for fashion brands during NYFW. Her fashion looks have been featured in numerous worldwide publications, including Vogue, Forbes, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Harper Bazaar.

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Uncovering the Trick to Becoming a Successful Fashion & Beauty Influencer

Katya Bychkova - a beauty, style expert, and influencer based in NYC who has worked with Dior, Clarins, Farfetch, Sephora, and others. Katya contributes to top lifestyle publications like InStyle and Pursuitist. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Refinery 29, New Beauty Magazine, and other media outlets.  She is a member of the NewBeauty Brain Trust, an expert panel created by New Beauty Magazine. She is also the founder and editor of the Style Sprinter blog - a luxury guide to skincare and makeup.

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From Modeling to Styling: How This Stylist Got to Work With Kyle Maclachlan and US’s Biggest Brands

Ana Tess is a stylist, journalist, and model based in New York City and LA. She switched the focus of her career from modeling to styling. Her fashion editorial work has been published in such magazines as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel, Instyle, and others. Away, Net-A-Porter, Amazon, Target, Rebag, and others are among her clients. She is the owner of a visa for extraordinary talents in the US. Talking about her experience modeling, styling, and journaling, how she switched the focus in her professional path, and why.

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Discover How to Create a Business from Scratch!

Speaking with Katerina, how to find your superpower, female and male approach to business, find the right business idea and business model, analyze competitors and switch from the founding to a growth mindset. Among with that we discuss the wedding industry and how to build a business aroid that. She was working with such brands as NYFW, Philip Morris International, and Adidas Group. Among her clients are Danone, Cosmopolitan, Mastercard. And she recently published her book Diary of Business Lady, starting the business is easy when you have a plan.

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From Modeling to Styling: How This Stylist Got to Work With Kyle Maclachlan and US’s Biggest Brands

Daria Kruchinina is an award-winning fashion and beauty editorial makeup and natural brows artist and entrepreneur Daria Kruchinina. She began her career in Russia and ended up working in NYC at NYFW, collaborating with Jared Leto, Natalia Vodianova, Gigi Ferranti, Herve Pierre, and many other personalities, top models, prestige beauty, and fashion brands. Her editorial work appeared in numerous publications worldwide, including Vogue, L'Officiel, Tatler, and other media outlets.

victoria matsuka she did it show


She Left Tiffany & Co. - The Shocking Reason Behind Her Career Change and Entrepreneurship Journey

Victoria is a jewelry designer and maker. She studied art, fashion, and conceptual jewelry at top universities in London and Italy. Victoria worked at Tiffany & Co in the US and other jewelry companies around the world - in London, Italy, Turkey, and Russia. She founded her own brand Matsuka Jewelry, where she created unique conceptual art jewelry pieces. She also works at the Anthony Lent Jewelry company as a bench jeweler. Speaking about her journey being a creative entrepreneur, managing the business Matsuka Jewelry brand while working 9 to 5, about your experience working at Tiffany and Co and being a female bench jeweler in a male-dominated industry in NYC.

polina kurach she did it show


Unveiling the Secrets to PR and Communications Success: Strategies For Startups and Freelancers

Polina Kurach is PR and Communication Specialist who worked in the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016, EXPO 2017, and New York Fashion Week. She has been representing her clients at international events such as World Economic Forum in Davos and EXPO in Astana and has been working with such brands as Conde Nast, Mikhailov, and Partners. Today she is in our studio, and I would love to talk with her about her career, from Olympic Games to bringing media coverage to big names and startups, about challenges along the way. And, of course, we will dive deeper into communications and PR.

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Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence: Meet the Microsoft Tech Leader!

Valeria Sadovykh - top tech woman in Tech Innovations and AI. She lived and worked in Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, and now the US. She was working in PWC and today in Microsoft. She received her EB1 visa for extraordinary talents in the US and breaking stereotypes, creating an evolutionary experience with her remarkable work in the US.

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The Mind-Body Reset That Female Entrepreneurs Need: Karina Blackwood's Pilates And Wellness Secrets

Karina is a Certified Yoga and Pilates training instructor. She designed 2 Pilates programs. Karina released her e-book "The Six Principles to six pack abs" and action guide "Top 10 Tips to stay fit at Home". She quit her office job and became a trainer; she also manages her team of trainers at NYC Stretching. Karina is also a health and wellness influencer. 

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Unlocking Secrets to Creative Entrepreneurship Success: Web3 Marketing, Content Creator Economy

Anastasia Drinevskaya about web3 marketing, creator economy, public speaking, and multimedia approach building the successful business and personal brand. Anastasia Drinevskaya from Cointelegraph Communications is a sought-after consultant and keynote speaker at almost all the latest blockchain events. She has extensive experience in developing startups along the full life cycle - from ideation to team growth and through the execution of the mission statement for the next new venture. 



Uncovering War Crimes with Web3: Learn to Spot Media Manipulations from PR In Tech Expert

Anastasia Golovina about how to recognize media manipulations, protect yourself from misinformation, and the power of personal stories and storytelling. Anastasia is Award-winning PR and communications manager focusing on web3. Anastasia has a journalist background and more than five years of PR experience helping tech companies to tell their stories. Today she is a PR head in Protocol Labs and curates web3 decentralized archives projects. 

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Web3 Marketing Strategies By Ex-CEO Cointelegraph and Entrepreneur: What Crypto Winter Can Teach Us!

Victoria Vaughan about her Incryptoland web 3 marketing agency, web 3 industry, the current crypto winter, the future of web3, metaverses and AR and how she built the worlds top crypto media Cointelegraph, co-founded Incryptoland, her challenges and success. Victoria Vaughan is entrepreneur and web3 expert. Victoria gathered over 8 years of experience in the crypto space, primarily serving as CEO of Cointelegraph, the world top crypto media, and bringing the company to the top positions on the market. She developed this company from zero to 15 mln users. Today she is the Co-Founder of Incryptoland marketing agency. 

sofi chernyak she did it show


Secret Collaboration Revealed: AR Filters MaquillAR‘s Founder is Working with Industry Leaders

Sofi Chernyak is a digital make-up artist, the founder, and CEO of an augmented reality design studio, MaquillAR, and an editorial make-up artist.   Her augmented reality clients include top beauty and fashion brands such as Lashify, Numero Magazine and artists like Val Garland and Erin Parsons. Her most recent digital project for Safiya Nyaguard has gained over 46 million impressions.   And her make-up portfolio includes publications in Vogue, ID, and New York Times Style, as well as work for brands like Versace, LaPerla, and Rebag.

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Successful Art Gallery Curating: Tips from Expert in Contemporary Art & Working with Friends

Irina Chistikina is a New York-based art curator, art adviser, and expert in attribution fine art. Previously Irina worked as a photographer with brands such as Vice and at NYFW, advertising companies, and start-ups like Fasten. Her fashion photography has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Schon!, and Buro 24/7. She is the co-founder and art curator of Orchard Galerie and the creator of the online art magazine Dicecream

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How Startups Can Utilize Revolutionary Marketing Tools to Kickstart Their Business!

Nadia Okhunova - Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert. Nadia is the founder of the marketing agency K917. She worked with brands such as Nike, Puma, Samsung, and others.  Today she is focusing on creating marketing campaigns for Web 3 tech startups and exploring new media for self-expression. Talking with her in this episode about the entrepreneurship journey and the most effective marketing tools up to date. How to overcome fears starting the business, what owners of brands have to consider creating marketing strategies, life in NYC, and more.

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Uncovering the Secrets to a Stylist Career in NYC: How to Get to NYFW, Work with Vogue's Top Brands!

Stefania Chekalina - fashion stylist, and creative director, whose editorial work appears in numerous acclaimed publications worldwide, including Vogue, L'officiel, Tatler, Instyle, Elle, Marie Claire, and many others. Stefania has collaborated with celebrities including Maye Musk, Ella Hunt, Kitty Spencer, such brands as Redken, Matrix, Lime, and others. Talking with her about her career, fashion, digital fashion, sustainability, vision, inspiration, and life in NYC.


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