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6 Healthy Social Media Habits

The rise of digital technology paved the way for the dominance of social media in our daily lives. It has become the main source of information wherein relevant news about the world is shared, including snippets of our personal lives. More than being a source of information, we also consume social media to connect–with our family, friends, and other people all over the globe. So, it is safe to say that social media plays an integral part in communication. It made the latter more convenient, to say the least.

But when something–anything–is used excessively, it can pose serious, detrimental effects to its consumer. The number of cases of mental health issues have drastically risen over the years. Fake news has become more rampant. Bullying. Don’t even forget about cancel culture. All these and more, whether we realize it or not, are amplified by the use of social media.

How do you consume social media? Why do you consume social media? When do you consume social media? Are you using it for good reasons or otherwise? It’s high time to rethink the way we consume it, and how it can affect our well-being.

As a content creator, here are 6 healthy social media habits I’ve been practicing to keep my peace.

Being intentional.

When I open my phone (and the apps), I make sure to know my purpose or reason for consuming it. I remind myself of the why. Do I wish to learn? To connect? To market? This way, I don’t overconsume or stray away from the purpose the certain app intends to serve.

Avoiding comparison.

I am mostly on Instagram, and it being a visual-heavy social media platform, I acknowledge how people have become so big on curating their feed–pretty photos, themed posts, well-executed reels. That means, people choose what they want others to see, and I’m no exception to that.

Given the status quo, comparison will be inevitable. But always remember: people curate their feed, so they will choose the most attractive photos they have. Don’t compare yourself to them or even to their experiences! You are unique.

Not believing everything I see.

Information is readily available, so misinformation is also readily available. Always make sure to verify sources, be it for facts, news, or articles. As for the personal aspect of things, a perfect photo could be just that–a perfect photo. Don’t ever forget that what we see on social media is on a surface level. There’s more than meets the eye.

Limiting screentime.

Take a break! Disconnect to connect. Don’t succumb to doomscrolling. Life happens outside social media. Remember, everything is good but in moderation.

Only following those that spark joy.

This is a form of self-care. If you ever come by a post that disturbs your peace, feel free to block, unfollow, unfriend. We only want to see posts from people who actually matter–those who inspire us, and contribute to our growth.

Not forgetting to live in the moment.

Don’t take photos just to prove everyone you’re having the time of your life. Take photos to immortalize the memory. Be present! Have fun!

by Dasha Mudrova


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